Therapist Bio

mihaela-0114-webMihaela Poca works as Registered Massage Therapist and Talk Therapist. She is currently training at Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy.
Working with both the body and the mind is important for her.

She started using Reiki and Thai massage in 2005 working with a hospice. The work with people with severe illnesses inspired her and made her realize how important therapy and body work is.

After a year of working with the hospice and with a number of clients she decided to change her career, leaving behind her position as a software developer and began working with massage, healing touch and talk therapy.

Mihaela is always amazed about how powerful therapeutic and restorative each session is. She continues to study and incorporate various techniques to help her clients in their healing journey.

She practices meditation and works on bringing the benefits gained on the meditation mat into her treatments.